the kitten situation

I have to update y’all on our kitten situation. Now they are five weeks old. And everywhere. Lilly is completely stressed out, trying to watch over her little ones. It’s just like herding cats (pun intented :)).

Which, indeed, is impossible. But still, Lilly tries. Whenever one of the babies is at a place, she doesn’t want it to be, she first call it (she’s constantly making odd sounds these days – and nights). Obviously, no reaction follows, so she then catches the culprit by its neck and drags it back to the location she considers home for her family.

Which, by the way, was moved by Lilly. From the box, sweetheart had so lovingly set up in a corner of our bed room into the living room. The box was deserted two weeks ago for no apparent reason and the family dwelling moved to right under the table in front of our settee. The most frequented spot in the house, where we have our meals, watch TV, have afternoon naps and so on. Lilly clearly wants her family to be a part of us. The carpet under this table seems to be what she considers “in the house” for her kittens. From then on in, we always had and still have cats under our feet.

And of course, whenever they are awake, they are out and about. Exploring their small world. Climbing the settee. Hiding underneath it. And under every other piece of furniture there is. Preferably crawling to spots and places neither Lilly nor we can get to. Pulling and gnawing on cables. We seldom have cable TV any more – the cable must be broken inside – and the sound is about to go as well.

But hey, who needs TV, when one has the cutest company imaginable? They are the sweetest creatures and sooo funny to watch. In many ways, their individual characters start to show. It’s two boys and one girl, with the black and white boy easy to tell from the lot. He’s the people lover. Always interested in what we do, always trying to be with us, climbing our legs to get a cuddle. Actually, as I write this, he’s underneath the seat, trying to climb up. And he has the cutest stare, tilting his head just so.

The two tigers are boy and girl and look very much alike. With the girl being a much quieter character, happly exploring things by herself. Whereas the boys like to mock-fight and run after each other a lot, she sits somewhere in a corner and watches her brothers.

All in all, it is a treat to have them. Almost every spare minute I have, I spend watching their to and fro. They grow so fast and soon will be out of the house and gone. Its just two more months. Sweetheart has already promised the black/white one to a friend from Munich. The Lady called him Puccini from the pics I post for her on Facebook, so he is the only one with a name so far.

I would love to keep them all but do see, that this is impossible. First, it would drive Lilly completely nuts and second, our place is much too small for three, let alone four cats. Even for two, if I am honest. But maybe, just maybe, if I am extremly lucky, I get to keep one of the little striped tigers.

8 thoughts on “the kitten situation

  1. I love all your photos. I was going to ask for the black and white one, but couldn’t work out the logistics of getting him to Austria.
    Where will you be around 8:30-9:00 am on Monday. We’ll be in transit at Tegel and it could be a good chance for a call and some catching up – on other things beyond kittens!

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    1. oh, sorry, I missed this transit Monday at TXL. but had to work, anyways. Hope you got to wherever you are off to sound and good.


  2. Adorable, Lyart. Glad you are able to enjoy their babyhood and playfulness. Hope you decide to keep one. Your female tiger looks just like one I had–she was the runt of the litter and lived to be 23, healthy and active until her last few months. When she got too slow for games of chase with our puppy, she learned to “play dead.” Cats are hilarious.

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    1. I’d love to keep one of the tigers, preferably the girl-tiger. Am not sure, Lilly will tolerate her young ones all too long, though. We’ll see…

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