Sunday Matinée

This Sunday is reserved for the art in transformart. An all new art festival and show for painters and sculptors and other artists held in Berlin a week ago. I have already made a lenghty post about the location, which is exceptionally well chosen for young art. And stunningly beautiful.

But today it is the art, that caught my attention, when we were there.

Starting out with Anett Münnich. She makes delicate paper cuts from maps. Among other techniques she uses, these paper cuts in their three-dimensionality are really stunning.

Anett Münnich, Peperworks Series
Rooted, Anett Münnich, Paperworks
Anett Münnich, Pae
Anett Münnich, Paperworks
Anett Münnich Paperworks, verwurzelt
Anett Münnich, Paperworks

Next is Steffen Blunk. His depiction of war scissures left moved me. He chose to hurt the wood on which he paints to show what he wants to tell.

there is always a war somewhere, Steffen Blunk
detail Steffen Blunk IRgendwo ist immmer ein Krieg
Detail from there is always a war somewhere, Steffen Blunk
steffen Blunk Vertreibung aus dem Paradies
Expulsion from Paradise, Steffen Blunk

Claudia Vitari  stunned me to no end. She crystallised notes, drawings, face masks and so forth in resin and glass, housed in iron frames or steel boxes. Giving her works of the series LE CITTÀ INVISIBILI (about a Spanish radio station run by staff all diadgnosed with mental illness) and PERCORSOGALERA (about a prison and its inmates) a quality, depth and beauty, I have never seen before. One really has to see it in real, photographs can only give you a glimpse of the experience.


Claudia Vitari 1
Claudia Vitari, part of Le Cittá invisibili
Claudia Vitari 2
Claudia Vitari, part of Le Cittá invisibili
Claudia Vitari 3
Claudia Vitari, Detail Le Città invisibili
Claudia Vitari 4
Claudia Vitari, part of PERCORSOGALERA
Claudia Vitari 5
Claudia Vitari, part of PERCORSOGALERA

Oh, here’s a niceone from Agnes Brigitte Schröck. I really liked the title (and the picture, of course), the artist apparently has a great sense of humour.

Brigitte Schröck, Was nun, Zeus
Agnes Brigitte Scröck, Was nun, Zeus (What now, Zeus)

Of course, my colleagues boyfriend can’t be missing from this post – Martin Heinig. He is a master scolar of Georg Baselitz and works in Berlin since the 80ies. I am not the biggest fan of Baselitz, but have to say, Mr. Heinigs own works were very impressive in their sheer size – some covering entire walls – and strenght.

martin heinig1
Martin Heinig
Martin Heinig Chinese head bowl
Martin Heinig Chinese Head Bowl
martin heinig 8
Martin Heinig Detail
martin heinig 2
Martin Heinig
martin heinig 3
Martin Heinig

Mari Poller exhibited an artwork made of sugar cubes painted in acrylic paint to visualize pixelated images. Another great idea!

Marie Poller Confusion Acryl, Zucker auf Holzplatte
Confusion, Mari Poller, sugar on wood panel, acryl paint
mari Poller Confusion Detail
Confusion – detail, Mari Poller

And now follow a few pictures, I don’t know all that much of, but still liked. So I post them here. And this is just the painting part of the festival. Installations and sculptures are still to come.

blue hues1
Imagine, Vera Oxfort
Johan Jacobs, untitled
Johan Jacobs, untitled
woodworks unbekannter künstler
woodwork, unknown artist
unbekannter Künstler, Seascape
Seascape, unknown artist
Monica von Rosen, Das rote Band, Vers. 2017
Monica von Rosen, Das rote Band, Variante 2017
Matthieu Séry Untitled
Untitled, Matthieu Séry

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