Sunday Matinée

This is the last one of the transformart festival posts. It deals with installations exhibited there.

To be honest, I find it hard to grasp the concept of installation art in general. Most of the time, anyways. (Same goes for performance art, btw). But I am sure, this is just me falling out of time a little.

However, at transformart there were a few installations, that caught my attention. The first two are actually just pictures, that happen to form installation art the way they were hung at this industrial site.

Gesamtkunstwerk 70, unbekannter Künstler
the wall – 1
in itself art, unbekannt
the wall – 2

This little seascape I just thought cute.

unbekannter Künstler, Installation auf Treibholz

This one I could not understand at all. Still liked it, though. “The Alchemist” consists of a fur stole, a wooden case and balls painted in gold. Go figure…

Sandra Riche, Die Alchimistin
die Alchimistin, Sandra Riche

However, I really liked  “settings” from Sabine Burmester. A collage picture on the wall with many bare wire figures hanging in front of it from the ceiling. Forming the pictures own viewing crowd. It is hard to show on photographs, but one was drawn to walk through the little metall fellas, to go see the picture on the wall, but somehow could not.

sabine burmester schauplätze installation totale
Schauplätze (settings), Sabine Burmester – total
sabine burmester schauplätze detail 2
Schauplätze (settings), Sabine Burmester – detail 1
sabine burmester schauplätze detail 1
Schauplätze (settings), Sabine Burmester – detail 2
sabine burmester schauplätze detail
Schauplätze (settings), Sabine Burmester – detail 3

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  1. Interesting. I guess that’s what we always say when we want to appreciate, but don’t quite “get it.” Something in these makes me uneasy, spurs me to action… I want to sand down rough edges, put the gold balls back into their case, hang up the fur stole in the closet, call an electrician to sort out all the wires and make them safe. The little seascape was cute. 🙂

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