Yesterday I walked through a residential area in Hermsdorf,  which is a northern part of Berlin.  This little figurine leaned against a lamppost at a crossing.

He looked a little forlorn, naked as he was, standing there in the snow. Adorned with little lines and dots only, I suspect to show, where acupuncture needles should go.

Someone must have left him there. I wonder, were they disappointed with Chinese medicine?


4 thoughts on “forlorn

    1. He was about 50 cm high, suppose I could have taken him. But I didn’t think of all my jewels 🙂 and otherwise, I had no idea, what I would need another man in my house for.


    1. You’re right, it was very weird. I wish, I had taken the man with me. But I was on foot and still had some groveries to shop, so I didn’t want to carry Mr. Wong all the way. 🙂

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