Sunday Matinée

I was going to start with an old phrase today: I have the honour of introducing…

Such is the extend of the wow I felt, looking at this man’s body of work. I have been doing this Sunday Matinée colummn for some years now, and in retrospect, I have propably posted a couple of hundred artists already. But only two names really stuck in my mind (Lita Cabellut and János Huszti). As of today I’ll have to add Shulman to this list, I guess.

So, please meet Igor Shulman. Born in Trev, Russia in 1959, then named Igor Adrianov, he studied Interior Design at the Venezianov Art College. In 1999 he went to live in Prague, Czech Republic as Igor Shulman. All the while painting and exhibiting. His favourite style is figurative painting in oil on canvas and he says, he lives by his creativity. Even in his dreams he draws new pictures, finds new decisions, thinks out new realities.

Be prepared to look at lots of pictures today, because I could not make up my mind to leave any out. They are just stunning, I think.

walk on the hills
Walk on the Hills – Igor Shulman
london story
London Story – Igor Shulman
beach pastoral
Beach Pastoral – Igor Shulman
a soldier come from the war
Soldier come from war – Igor Shulman
Blotch – Igor Shulman
bar tales
Bar Tales – Igor Shulman
a chance meeting
Chance Meeting – Igor Shulman
about gentlemen and birds
About Gentlemen and Birds – Igor Shulman
holy cat
Holy Cat – Igor Shulman
Humans Dream – Igor Shulman
bus from childhood
Bus from Childhood – Igor Shulman
Autumn – Igor Shulman
like a man
Like a Man – Igor Shulman
Maria – Igor Shulman
Prague – Igor Shulman
kafka first love
Kafka First Love – Igor Shulman
reflection #3
Refelction # 3 – Igor Shulman
lessons of obedience
Lessons of Obedience – Igor Shulman
readiness for compromise
Readiness for Compromise – Igor Shulman
Retro Childhood – Igor Shulman
The Neighbours – Igor Shulman
spring. paris
Spring. Paris. – Igor Shulman
the voice of summer
The Voice of Summer – Igor Shulman
the gamblers
The Gamblers – Igor Shulman
the night shift
The Nightshift – Igor Shulman
Wild Beach – Igor Shulman
winter retro
Winter Retro – Igor Shulman



3 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. Realism at its best, enhanced with rich detail, emotion, movement. My favorite was Retro Childhood, with the boy flying off the swing, suspended in time. I also loved all the different kinds of dogs he includes. Beautiful collection, I can see why it’s a favorite. 🙂

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    1. I love Of Gentlemen + Birds for its humour, Humans Dream for its tenderness of idea and Beach Pastoral for its art best. But I also do recall that feeling of freedom, one had as a kid………

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