happy girl

Yesterday I was given full procuration to our firm. Along with a nice long letter full of praise and thank yous and a substiantial raise.

What a nice thing to happen to :). I like the appreciation best, but the money is fine, also.

I knew this would come, maybe six weeks back our CEO had me and the head greenkeeper in and introduced the idea to us. I got back to him about it maybe three weeks ago, wanting to discuss some legal details as to the extend of the powers installed, and so forth (pretty much everything except for investments that differ essentially from plan like buying/selling a house or land unplanned). And he just said “Why, I have been to the notary to have you both enlisted, already”. So, the previous chat was not so much a proposal than an informal talk, seemingly.

Nevertheless, I am a happy girl.

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    1. It’s like a vice CEO thingy. Basically, the plan is, whenever the CEO steps down, Christian and I are to be the CEOs, without installing a new one.


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