scouting Pebble Beach

As sweetheart tends to sleep much longer than I do, I used the early morning hours to scout our little holiday village of Playa de Santiago on La Gomera. The Island sits next to much better known islands Teneriffe, La Palma, Fuerte Ventura and Gran Canaria just off the Moroccan coast.

The benefit of visiting this island is clearly its seclusion. Much less touristy than on the bigger neighboring islands. But still comfortable enough with all the right services for visitors. Sweetheart booked us into a big apartment. So we can enjoy our home made breakfasts out on the sun deck just when and how we like it. And I was going to not only explore our immediate surroundings but find rolls and bread for our breakfast, too. Successfully so – the main bread here seems to be baguette.

Here are a few kitschy holiday pics at daybreak in Santiago.

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