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I’m sorry, folks. Sweetheart’s health or lack thereof kept me worried and away from the computer for a while. But things have been straightened out now. He is proud carrier of a five cm long stent implant now and advised to get fit and healthy. Hope, this will drag me along that path, too…

Of course, a three week holiday absence also caused a wave of workload wash over my head. Most of it has been dealt with by now, too. Pretty much everything is ready and set to open the golfing season officially this coming weekend. But for the weather. The forecast tells us a big Russian freeze is on its way to bring back snow and frost to Berlin this weekend.

So still no green to be seen anywhere around. The two little snowdrops putting up their noses in my garden will much likely die off again, as did the early crocusses already, while we were away, holidaying in Spain.

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  1. Whoever said March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb has never really observed the transition of winter into spring. It is more like a multiple personality disorder, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Glad Sweetheart is OK and work is caught up. 🙂

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    1. Oh, thank you. He is indeed a LOT better and says hello back.
      I have never heard that saying about March (maybe here in Europe March always misbehaved), and you’re spot on about the disorder description: it’s -6° Celsius right now

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