Sunday Matinée

Befitting the occasion, if not the weather, this Easter Sunday I opted for a collection of young and new art with a religious notion. I hope, you like some of works, too…


Hogou Feraille Patrice Palacio
Hogue Feraille Patrice Palacido
Crucifixion in Blue Paul Clark
Crucifixion in Blue Paul Clark
Madonna of Arabia L. Hamori
Madonna of Arabia L. Hamori
the sheperd is my lord Luis Ardila
The Shepherd is my Lord Luis Ardila
De l'Asie á l' Afrique Helene Lamoureux
De l’Asie á l’Afrique Helene Lamoureux
der Weise Milan Andric
Der Weise Milan Andric
smoke break Carlos Rancano
Smoke Break Carlos Rancano
lamento Lionel le Jeune
Lamento Lionel Le Jeune
cristo amarillo joseph de utia
Cristo Amarillo Joseph de Utia
P.N.95 Gian Piero Gasparini
P.N.95 Gian Piero Gasparini


8 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

    1. Glad you like it. It is very modern, I think. But then, I do live in Berlin and here also exists a tradition of art with some “east block”, if not “communistic” style.


  1. I agree; the nun is awesome. Reminds me a little of a recent exhibit at our local museum that included a large portrait of the pope made entirely of colored condoms. So controversial here that it was placed in a walled-off area with a warning sign in front.

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      1. It was actually fabulous. The condoms were partially pushed through a screen and blown up to create the pixelated portrait. Hard to explain, but really well done.


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