Sunday Matinée

Please meet Mr. Taeil Kim this week. The artist educated and living in the US is a superb portraitist. He says, 19th century impressionism influenced him.

One can tell. And nevertheless, his work looks modern to me.

Reality & Ideality No. 0122
Reality & Ideality No. 0122, Taeil Kim
Serendipity No. 0827
Serendipity No. 0827, Taeil Kim
A cloudy afternoon
A cloudy afternoon, Taeil Kim
Portrait of a woman in black
Portrait of a woman in black, Taeil Kim
space No. 0816
Space No. 0816, Taeil Kim
the memory No. 1001
The Memory No. 1001, Taeil Kim
Structure I
Structure I, Taeil Kim
thats why
Thats Why, Taeil Kim
Serendipity No. 0901
Serendipity No. 0901, Taeil Kim
Untitled Nr. 0629
Untitled No. 0629, Taeil Kim
waiting No. 0911
Waiting No. 0911, Taeil Kim


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