Ingelheim on Rhein is a smallish city mostly known for Boehringer-Ingelheim, which is a rather big pharmaceutical company operating globally. Remarkable is, that the company founded in 1885 still is family owned, with the family still being resident in town – the current generation, obviously :), not those shown below. Featuring founder Albert Boehringer (far right) as a kid with his parents and family.


Incidentally, it also is now the home town of my brother & family. Thus, I came to visit, learn, look and take pictures of a place I otherwise wouldn’t have ever noticed.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Due to this huge company still based in town, Ingelheim is one of the richest places in Germany – I take it, the giant pays his corporate tax straight to the Ingelheim Bürgermeister (Mayor) office. Thus, the town features a concert hall, library and school buildings, along with a newly achitectured town center, all very modern and done up nicely. Surrounded by lovely Rhine valley, situated straight on the river banks, all sums up to a destination well worth a visit. Despite it otherwise being a run-of-the-mill, small town Germany kind of place.

A famous citizen is Sebastian Münster. His likeness is known to most older Germans still, as his face was on the one hundred Marks bill once upon a time. I wondered, where I knew his face from, when I saw him on the school front and on manhole covers all over town.

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I picked just another two sights. One I liked (the new library with its vertical gardens on the facade) ….

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…and one I found somewhat odd (a courtyard with a well esemble or whatever one might call this weird piece of city furniture with a boat on weels, water spewing hens and fish and fairytail figure waving to a king on a rooftop). Maybe it is art?

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    1. Unfortunately not, it is just a follow up report from the short break start of May down to the darts championship in Sindelfingen by way of Ingelheim to see my brother.
      I still had the pics, but no time to post. And with you not looking, there wasn’t any rush, was there?
      Great to have you back online soon…. can’t wait to read up on your thoughts, too
      I was happy to also see thequirkyone kind of hopping on once more, too.


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