where to begin

It’s been such a long time since I last was on my blog. Feels a little as if it were a new platform all together. So, where to start…

Best, where I trailed off last time. Still no rain here in Berlin – almost. It has rained once last week. So I am still busy watering my little patch. Just not as often anymore, as temperatures dropped to autumn. There are even days with a little morning frost, already. Not to last for very long, but still.

Sweetheart and I went to London for three days start of September, later for another three days to Leberec, Czech Republic end of the month. Both trips produced lots of nice pics, that shall come forth in more detailled reports rather soon, I hope. Oh, and Europe won the Ryder Cup, yeah!

This pretty much sums up the exciting stuff during my summer blog gap – the rest of my time was evenly spent at work, at the doctors (nothing bad found so far) or sleeping.


2 thoughts on “where to begin

  1. Glad to see you back, Lyart. We’ve had our share of rain here. My poor Mom (150 miles north of us) has gotten so much rain (sometimes 3 inches in one afternoon), she’s had to mow the lawn every other day to keep it from turning into a jungle. Glad you guys got a break from work and doctors for a few fun holidays. Sleep is underrated. 🙂


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