Merry, merry….

Merry X-Mas to all of you!

While most of the English speaking world celebrates Christmas today, in the German speaking corners of the planet, the big date is December, 24th – you’ve heard of it: Silent Night, Holy Night… So it was in my house, with sweetheart’s mom over for a festive dinner lovingly cooked by her son yesterday. All I contributed, was the tree decoration. And the gifting business (I love this part). We had a great time together and really liked our presents, each their own way.

Neither sweetheart nor his mom are much into thinking up presents and surprises. They both organise themselves like this: he tells me to tell his mom what to get for him and vice versa. I get everything for everybody, wrap it up nicely and that’s that. As for my own gifts, he demands a wish list to orientate himself on and supply mom with appropriate ideas, too. Christmas shopping is still very stressful for him, as he functions thus: procastrinate everything up to the very last minute, panic a little and get everything done just in time. Seemingly, he functions better, this way. It’s the thing these days – entire industries function that way: produce on demand, delivery just in time.

Sweetheart only had one personal wish this year: no event-gifts, as he calls them. Things to do or things he has to participate in. Quote: “Why can’t we just give each other a piece of soap rather than taking people to places all the time….” He does have a point: his mom is very old and almost blind, so I tend to find gifts, that make us spend time with her. And I usually don’t ask him, whether he actually wants to come along. It’s his mom, after all, so no prisoners at this front….

I am not so prone to stress and bustle, so I start well in advance and take my time. That sometimes results in having too many parcels at the end of the process, but never mind. I like picking presents. So sweetheart did get a piece of soap from me (and some other gifts I hope he likes) but still has to come along to a couple of events with us two women next year, so sorry. However, he did also think up a real nice surprise gift for me, so there is hope 🙂

Don’t know, but I really like Christmas. Our little cat Lilly likes the tree, mostly. Or what was left of it this morning….just kidding



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  1. Seems I missed this one. I was asked by the girls what I wanted this year and seriously, the only thing I could think of was a back-scratcher (for that one spot between my shoulder blades that I am too inflexible to reach any more.) I didn’t get one. But on my trip to Vienna ( a present I did get) I went into my favorite museum shop and there on display were some very out of place and unartistic back-scratchers. Guess what is lying on the table next to my laptop right now. Yep. My favorite present this year.


  2. “Why can’t we just give each other a piece of soap rather than taking people to places all the time….” LOL. Sounds like something I would say. A very merry Christmas to you, Sweetheart, and Lilly! 🙂

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