The last two weeks have been dominated by cold, stormy weather with lots of rain. Don’t get me wrong: rain is all good after a far too short winter with next to no snow. After last year’s record draught in and around Berlin, this is exactly what we need.


But what we need is not always what we like. It is freezing cold, with the gusts of wind rather stinging. Imagine this plus sleet pounding at a gardener, who eagerly and impatiently is looking for spring.

In February we had a weird warm spell.  Folks out everywhere, enjoying the unexpected sun and warmth. So I thought, this is spring arriving early this year. All wrong. Now we are caught in a seemingly endless string of throughs from the Atlantic, bringing with them afore mentioned high winds, cold air and rain, sometimes mixed with some snow.

So I have to limit myself to seeding some plants in trays inside. Which I just did. In addition to some salads and greens, that are already showing their first leaves in their pots on the window sill.

And, I’ll confess: today I also robbed the nearby woods of big mats of moss for my little garden path. We’ll see, if it grabs hold at its new location  – although I doubt that, because I took it mostly of dead trees, whereas in my garden it is supposed to grow on bare ground. We’ll see, how this experiment is going to work out. At any rate, the moss won’t dry out any time soon – it’s pouring down again….

One thought on “sleet

  1. I collected some moss from the forest last year to green up the bed on the northern side of our house. It didn’t take as far as I can tell. Tell me if you succeed and then how you did it!


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