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Just to check back on reality on March 29th, 2019, I had today marked red on my online calendar: today Brexit was scheduled. Must have saved this date years back, when Britain first voted to leave the EU (under complete false pretenses by their politicians, of course) and a Brexit date was stipulated. To mark this sad occasion in the far away future. An event, I didn’t believe, the mighty and once also Great Britains would ever allow to actually take place.

But then again: I also didn’t believe, the American electorate would ever vote for someone like Trump. Just goes to show my expertise on such things.

And now there is complete and utter chaos in Britain. A people divided so deeply, it might rip Ye Olde Empire apart entirely. With the Scots maybe freeing themselves from the Southern rule at long last. Wanting to remain members of the European Union, wanting to colour-coordinate their own beloved white X on blue background with the star spangled blue banner of an even greater Union than the British one, they have never really liked that much in the first place.

Same goes for the Irish: I guess, not many of them really want a border back, deviding the Island. And I am pretty sure, not even the Brexiteers themselves will want to deal with all the havoc, a hard Brexit is going to cause them. And us, by the way. Just we never had a say in this matter. We are the ones being left.

It’s so sad to watch: a country demolishing itself, formerly functioning institutions leading themselves to absurdity. Political leaders acting so gross, one wants to puke (such as a certain Mr. Farage or Mr. Johnson, to name just two very abominable specimen). The Brexiteers using the EU as a scapegoat for homemade problems, that Brexit won’t solve one tiny bit. Or to promote their own egos or careers. I can’t tell, which one of the former is more off-putting.  Mrs. May herself appears to be one of the very few sensible agents left – not that I have much sympathy for her policies. But one does get the impression, she at least tries hard to find a solution, that might work.

Something, that can’t be said for many other politicians in that Parliament. With tonight’s umpteenths negative result to the vote on a soft Brexit, it looks much like Britain will have to leave the EU the hard way on April, 12th. Which is just a fortnight away. Sometimes I wish, Big Ben would just collapse on the lot. Have the Queen take over. At least she still seems to have her senses together.

What’s the worst: this entire thing might be the beginning of the end of the EU as a whole. Italy might want out next, maybe Greece, too. Who can tell. And before you know it, we all might be back at each others throats. Don’t get me wrong: the EU is in no way perfect. But it has provided freedom, peace and prosperity for the bigger part of my life. For me personally and for many nations around. So I don’t mind its minor flaws in the face of the big idea behind the European Project. And I make sure to vote for policies, that focus on improvement rather than destruction.

A few cartoons brighten up this sad Friday. They show the only thing left to like about the British as a whole these days: their humour.

Brexit consequences Cartoon by Matthew_Buck_Hack_Cartoons


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  1. The two saddest things about this for me: One is that the EU has been the most successful international peace project this planet has seen and no one seemed to mention that in the discussion. Two is that the older Brits basically stole the freedoms and futures of the younger with this vote. It is so perverse that Russians, Brits and Americans joined forces to beat back a regime that came to power on a nationalistic and xenophobic wave. Now exactly these three countries are riding that very wave to absolutely no one’s benefit.

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