francophobia and me

I have never been too keen on anything French. Most people consider the language elegant, but I don’t, never have. I also dislike the mannerism of French gardens in the style of Louis XIV, Le Roi Soleil. Next to the weird hairdos of his time, I have to add.

I have been to the North of France by way of travelling through to take the ferry from Caleigh to Dover quite frequently, while still living with my Scottish husband years back. And of course I visited Paris. With said husband. Maybe travelling with a Brit did not exactly further good relations  between the French and me. Being taken as one of those fogfaces from beyond the Channel maybe brought along some of the arrogance I was met with by the average Parisienne.

While I do acknowledge the grandeur of cities such as Paris or Reims, I failed to develope any affinity toward France or anything French as a whole, would you believe it? Me, the most tolerant person I know. Quite unbelieveable. But sadly true, I have to admit. Show me a French movie and I am likely to dislike it – much talk, no sense. And this hideously expensive, but offensively ugly brown luggage, that is so sought after, along with the silk scarfs of the maker of the Kelly bag (quite nice, for a change), printed in unspeakably oldfashioned designs. I could go on and on.

The one tolerable, maybe even likeable, news from the Grande Nation, is their new president, Mr. Macron. He has – on top of his brazen handsomeness – some fresh and good ideas for a stronger, better Europe.  It is a pity, really, that his cries are trailing off in the daily political bustle.

But in general, one can say, I am quite Francophobic. So, to no surprise, I was not all that pleased to hear sweethearts latest travel suggestion: Cote d’Azur. But go we did – and I find myself in a bit of a struggle. I am vividly forced to revise all my prejudices. The countryside is amazing, the village we ended up in, is a dream come true, the sites, sweetheart picked for us to see, are outstanding, the hotel is cosy, the food delicious and the people are more than friendly at every turn. Hm.

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  1. I may ask you the name of that village at some point. Very sad to think about France with what is happening in Paris right now. I agree with you about Versailles, but then how about Giverney

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    1. I had to look up Giverny – it is beautiful! I wasn’t aware, Monet had such a lovely place. The village we visited is called St. Paul-de-Vence, near Nice.

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