morning walk at work

Those, who follow up this little record here, might know, that I am quite overweight. I always used to be, what’s called “a little chubby”, but over the years, padding added. This was ok with me, most of the time.

My work runs in seasons – very busy in summer, quiet in winter. In younger years, whatever weight I put on over lazy winter months and with the help of too many Christmas sweets, disappeared effeortlessly on its own over summer. As I get older, this nice effect ceases to kick in. So I ripened like a tree trunk, putting on layer on layer, each year not quite loosing all the extra weight. And then, a while ago, I quit smoking. This added another ton or so. Come January 2019, I faced disaster: 103 kg! I finally hit the three-digit-mark.

Over two weeks of depression binge eating, matters got worse. Bad enough for me to start a serious diet. In the course of which, I take long walks as often as possible. The one exercise, I really enjoy. Preferably in nearby woods. But this morning also at my workplace. I have to say, at sunrise, the golf courses look great.

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Oh, btw: the diet works – lost about 15 kg so far.


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  1. Yes, the winter weight likes to stay put after a certain age. Lovely photos, and if you’ve lost 15 kg by increasing your walking, I am inspired to add a few more steps to my daily regimen. 🙂

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