Blowing for Columbine

I planted one Akelei (Aquilegia) in my garden a few years back. If I remeber correctly, it was of a faint rosé colour, with white edges. Little did I know about this flower.

Well, nothing, to be correct. It was just one of those by-catches, gardeners tend to wind up with at the check-out of their favourite garden center. Without really knowing, how on earth this pot got into the shopping cart at all. But since you bought it and brought it, you have to find a spot for it. So you check the sticker on the plant or else the internet for the basic need of your acquisition, find a suitable spot for it and wait.

This particular plant is called Columbine in English and I knew nothing about its wanderlust. Seeding itself everywhere. All the while changing colours.  So, the wind is “Blowing for Columbine” (to slightly change the title of a Michael Moore book, that came to my mind, when I looked up the English name for Akelei just now).

This makes me a proud owner of various nests of Columbines at odd corners of my garden. I have to say, they are pretty. And it is always nice to wait and find out, where and in which colour the will turn up next.

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