by the skin of our teeth

Looking at the results of the European election, it appears in two different lights:

  • the nationalist, far right still gained some percentage and extra seats in Brussels, despite the record turn out of those who did claim: “Wir sind mehr” (“we are bigger in numbers”). Mostly owed to the French Le Pen enthusiasts, the Farage followers of Britainexiteers and the Lega fans of Italy. And then, of course the German AfD right wingers, their Hungerian counterparts following Orban and the Polish paradoxon voters with their selective emotions: desperatly wanting Europe and its benefits, just none of the shared responsibilities. So, all in all, no good. With a very bitter side mark, looking at Brandenburg (the county, Berlin is located in the middle of): the AfD becoming the strongest political party in the county. Same happened in Saxony. Shame on both sides of my life – my old Austrian one, what with the HC Strache scandal there and my new, Prussian one, with this horrible AfD result of 19,9%, gaining 3%.
  • on the other hand: the turnout was exeptional in Germany,  60 percent of the electorate turned up at the urn. I guessed as much, queueing for some 45 minutes yesterday (however, looking at those standing in line with me closely, I wished for twice as many ballot papers, fearing that most of these elderly folks would vote for the wrong side in that booth.  After all, my constituency is suburbia with an Eastern Bloc past). Looking at bigger cities and the young people: they voted one thing, and one thing only: Green! In Berlin proper, the Green Party now is the strongest political force, with 28% of the voters backing them. The same trend can be noted for all of Europe. So we will see more urgency behind climate policies and much greener legislation rather soon, I hope.

All in all, we just steered clear of a catastrophy by the skin of our teeth. The big turn out of the pro-European voters of all denominations balancing the rise of the right in Europe.

I am prepared to keep at it. And I am happy, that young folks are in their majority in favour of a stronger, more united Europe and green policies. For the rest: there will be a biological end to it.

As for what is about to happen in Austria today, with Chancellor Kurz facing his no-confidence vote, is another cliffhanger. Mr. Kurz’ party won the election in Austria yesterday, despite his co-responsibility for the ongoings there. Being the person calling sleazebags of the like of Strache and Kickl into office in the first place. But hey, his suits look fine on the young man.  And – to no surprise – the right wing FPÖ of HC Strache lost hardly any voters. Strache’s followers living in their own world of conspiracy theories and generally blaming others for anything bad happening to them.

I read a wonderful article today in Süddeutsche Zeitung by Josef Hader (comedian, actor, writer and one of Austria’s finest, anyway), titled: “Herr Strache und die Weltgeschichte” (Mr. Strache and the History of the World):

“… Ich habe eine ganz persönliche Verschwörungstheorie für ihn [Herrn Strache], die geht so: Es gibt tatsächlich eine große, weltumspannende Macht, die jeden von uns fest im Griff hat. Sie ist schuld am Ibiza-Video, verursacht Weltkriege, ermöglicht Diktaturen und hat alle Wirtschaftskrisen der Weltgeschichte herbeigeführt. Sie heißt Dummheit.

Dummheit ist viel mächtiger als zum Beispiel Gier, Skrupellosigkeit, Machtstreben und andere schlechte Eigenschaften, die für die Erklärung menschengemachter  Katastrophen gerne herangezogen werden. Diktatoren, Religionsführer und Wirtschaftsbosse wären ziemlich erfolglos ohne die Dummheit derer, die begeistert mitmarschieren, jeden Unsinn glauben oder sich gefallen lassen, dass weltumspannende Konzerne keine Steuern zahlen. Ohne die große, allumfasssende Dummheit wären böse Menschen ein individuelles Problem und bekämen keine Gelegenheit, erfolgreiche Massenmörder zu werden…”

In English, as good as I can, this reads:

” I have a very personal conspiracy theorie for Mr. Strache, it runs thus: We are, in fact, under the thumb of a big, global power. It is responsible for the Ibiza-video, causes world wars, enables dictatorships and induced every economical crisis in world history. It is called stupidity.

Stupiditiy is much more powerful than, for example, greed, unscrupulousness, striving for power and other bad qualities often used to explain man-made catastrophies. Dictators, religious leaders and business leaders would be quite ineffective without the stupidity of those marching on enthusiastically, believing every nonsense or acquisce to gobal enterprises paying no tax. Without this big, all-encompassing stupiditiy evil people would be an individual problem who would not get the opportunity to become successful mass murderers.”

Mr. Hader then goes on to explain, that he thinks the ideological brain behind FPÖ, Mr. Kickl, far worse than stupid Mr. Strache. Having implemented inhuman policies in Austria already, without much ado in the papers or big protests anywhere. Like calling refugee reception centers “departure center” by law. Concluding the article, that is is still worth fighting for the direction, reality and world history will take in the future.

I agree.

p.s.: while I typed this, news arrived, that the Austrian Chancellor, Mr. Kurz, has been diselected by parliament. Despite him (or his party) winning the European election in Austria yesterday. His former coalition partner, Strache’S FPÖ and the left-wing SPÖ together got him out of office. I fear, this will win him the election come September big time.


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    1. Yeah, that’s something! People here keep asking me, how it will go on and now I am able to tell them: “We have got an expert government led by a woman”


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