sweetheart’s been bored

You know I work weekends, bank holidays and just about every other attractive time regular folks usually enjoy outdoors. It’s my own fault, hiring up at a leisure business.

But this also means, my sweetheart spends a lot of time by himself, bored. So one of these weekends in May, he noticed a horsecart passing our garden. Checking the event, he stumpled into a weekend of open galeries and studios here in Glienicke. He spent the rest of the day browsing suburbia, checking out all artists at their workplaces.

When I arrived home late from work, he propelled me out of the door and into the car. We went to a little street closeby with a smallish, stand alone house on it. A man maybe my age opened and sweetheart wanted him to show me a picture, he had seen in the afternoon and intended to buy.

Problem being that his guy was a professional photographer. He mainly is in marketing, working for companies at their advertising. But for leisure, he works up artsy pics. I have to admit that a lot of his stuff was really nice. But the chuzpe of sweetheart to have me shop for other photographers works!

The work he had chosen was quite good but not good enough for me to spent money on, in my humble (and professional – I have t add) opinion. But on the same series, the photographer – Mr. Gero Breloer – had an amazing picture of one of Berlin’s subway stairs. This one, we both liked and sweetheart bought for a reasonable – maybe even too small – amount of money

Gero Breloer – picture of light installation “Mnemosyne” by Norwegian light designer Stig Skjelvig reacting to movements caused by passer bys in Berlin’s subway tunnel at Siegessäule

It took the stage in our living room behind the settee where my nice little Loipersdorf landscape hung. Which had to move to the office to make room for the latest acquisition.

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  1. As much as it pains me that you took down the Loopyville pic – this really is a cool one – and it blends more seamlessly with the Bowie and Hendrix pics on the side wall. I notice, too, that it has the geometric shapes and lines in it that you like so well.

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