Sweetheart and I went for a walk around a tiny lake in a nearby village called Summt in Brandenburg. Just to get some exercise and sunshine.

There, we happened across this:


A really old, dead tree. Yet, it featured branches, with new green leaves just sprouting. I first thought, maybe the trunk is just split. So I went closer to have a look. But it was completely hollow. From the bottom up to the very top. One could see the sky.


Still, somehow, some vein of life must have been hidden somewhere. Otherwise, how could there be fresh foliage. I thought, this was a small wonder. And a lesson in resilience, we all can draw hope from….


3 thoughts on “resilience

    1. What a nice story about your tree! I like trees, too. What a pity, so many of them here in Germany die just now, due to climate change and draught and an insect, that thus thrives – the bark beetle.

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  1. So cool! This made me think of one of all time favorite books – “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. The central metaphor is a tree sprouting up between the cracks in a city sidewalk. It’s about living in poverty, life force and resilience. Your tree is in a very different setting, but it is sadly inspiring in the same way.

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