Ten days was all it took. Ten days back at work and I crave some peace and quiet again.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s great to see our members happy out on the golfing grounds (some of the golf courses in our area were closed again this week, due to mistakes made with applications or negligence of hygiene and/or distancing regulations).

But it was a load of lots and lots of work. Some jobs seem to be designed as punishment for criminals who killed their mother and father. Like organising voluntary helpers from a pool of appr. fifty team players. Each of them offering different hours that have to be fit into a rooster of 8 different shifts on various locations per day. Combined with the schedules of regular 11 staffers (of course most with their own, different hours on the pay roll). It becomes real fun exactly at the point, at which the piece of art for the coming fortnight reaches completion. Everybody has received their hours and job descriptions. This is the moment, when the first person calls in to apologize, because they got their dates mixed up and can’t make it or some such nonsense. Tataaa – you start anew.

All I need is a zen moment. Or a complete lockdown of everything. Ah, let’s take the zen thingy…

1a-zen kl

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  1. All the antsy people chomping at the bit to go back to work need to read this… Returning will involve not just the job you used to do but extra work due to COVID modifications like cleaning and distancing and doing everything in a mask and gloves. Yikes. 🙂

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  2. I hear ya! I’m not even back yet and have already gotten irritated by demanding parents. We’ve had to design a whole new weekly schedule taking into consideration all the requirements set by the education ministry: reduced class sizes, alternating days, all the hygiene precautions, school buses that can only take five kids at a time . . . and then explaining it all to the parents. Sure enough, the first response is from a “disappointed” parent who finds it “absurd”. Why can’t her three kids all attend on the same day? AAAAHHH!
    Nice duck.

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