…some rain

It’s been awfully dry again. Last rainfalls occurring in February or so. But now, at long last, some showers fell. Seems as if April weather is late this year. But I am happy. No watering of my little garden for the time being. And the grass is shooting out of the ground right now. So, my job today is mowing….

1a-Halm tropfenkl

5 thoughts on “…some rain

  1. I’m told the weather has been odd, but I just moved here so it’s hard to say. Rain comes in spells, four or five days of downpour and drizzle, then it dries off and the grass has a growth spurt and hubby has to haul out the mower. The grass here is lush and soft. My dogs love to lie in it and sunbathe on nice days. đŸ™‚

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      1. had to look at a map to find out exactly where you are. but I see it is not so far off Milwaukee, where circunstance is from, originally. The lake must be a sight, looks huge…

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      2. Actually, my house is 388 miles (624 km) from Milwaukee, quite a ways. The lake was carved out by glaciers. It’s enormous and borders several states. Lake effect extends winter into spring and summer into fall. đŸ™‚


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