Did I mention my new camera yet? I finally got a Nikon. For any self-respecting photographer, this is the tool to aim for (apart from maybe the Leica and the Hasselblad). It was always way too expensive for me. As I don’t need it for work, I am just a leisure shooter nowadays. But last Christmas: tataaaa my first ever Nikon. I am still in the process of trying out all the features.

This time: birdwatching. I confess, I have yet to find the advantage in using the birdwatching programme over the regular picture-taking setting. I haven’t noticed any difference, so far.

What I do notice now, are the birdies.  I have not paid much attention to the common birds, so far. They were there, often a tad too noisy in the mornings. And sometimes, they ended up being the catch of the day for my cat Lilly. But they are quite nice.

Where will this end? Me being out and about in rubber boots, a multi-pocketed vest and a safari-style hat, spyglass at hand and my camera ready, as is the general bird-watcher cliché? I fear the worst…



6 thoughts on “Birdie

  1. Cool! What kind of bird is that second one? We’ve been noticing more birds than usual this year (I think they are lured here by all the chicken feed). And I can imagine picking up this hobby in retirement too.

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  2. Congrats on your Nikon–now you’re cookin’ with gas! Are they digital nowadays, or do they still use film? Pretty birds… would it be so awful to be a hardcore bird watcher? 🙂

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    1. it is all digital, these days. All my film gear is stored in the cellar. It is hard to even find films in shops now. As for the birdwatching: maybe after I retire….


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