Now this is a tweet, I understand. It is enough. And finally America seems to come to its senses and stand up against this joke of a leader. And this joke of a system, I have to add. Although Mr. Biden might not be the agile man, the US needs right now, anyone is better than POTUS45.

I really could not believe my eyes as he had his troops scatter the peaceful protesters in front of the White House to just have his picture taken. With a bible in his hands. In front of an empty, closed church. There are no words left. The entire country needs to find a way to restore its founding idea of the land of the free. It is time…

5 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Trump has trampled on so many people there are few places left that he can safely tread. Maybe that explains why he keeps putting his foot in his mouth, and has to hide out in a secret bunker. The crooked Republican cronies still supporting him cannot pull enough strings or rig enough voting machines to get him re-elected. Their only chance is to reduce the number of Dem voters by infecting/killing us with COVID, gunning us down at peaceful protests, and suppressing our votes, including legislation to keep us from casting ballots by mail in November. George Floyd’s death was a wake-up call for many, or so it seems from the number and size of protests going on around the country.

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  2. There are signs that things are falling apart for him politically. Even his own Secretary of Defense is saying he did not approve of the action and opposes using troops to police demonstrations. And Pat Robertson, an old war horse of the Christian Right, is criticizing Trump.

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    1. Noone in their right minds can want him in office another term. Glad to hear, this is becoming an accepted fact now. Hope there are enough people now, to see this and vote wiser next time.

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