Sunday Matinée

Please meet Karin Vermeer from the Netherlands this Sunday. The young artist builds her art from computed images and her own painting. Layering various images into one.

I particularly like this image of Coco Chanel and its various stages. I think each of them are artwork in their own right. And yet, the final combination offered, feels “whole”. I do not know, whether this isso, because the artist suggests it or because it really is. I am impressed with the invitation from Mrs. Vermeer, to let us travel with her creative process, by offering the individual layers on her website for us all to see. Here is a sample with Coco Chanel, but here you can see one of QEII and many more

Complete Coco 09 Karin Vermeer
Coco 01 Karin Vermeer
Coco 02 Karin Vermeer
Coco 03 Karin Vermeer
Coco 05 Karin Vermeer
Coco 06 Karin Vermeer
Coco 08 Karin Vermeer

I actually think, I like Coco 06 best. How about you?

And for those, who are not yet bored with looking at Mrs Coco Chanel, here a painting of her from Lita Cabellut, who did a great series of Coco a while ago.

Coco Chanel by Lita Cabellut