road movie

Berlin is such a phantastic place to be. A few days ago, I took a day off work, as it was sweetheart’s birthday. We went to have lunch in town.

When in Berlin, this might also spell “by the riverside”. So we went from suburbia over the road into Berlin-Hermsdorf to pick up his mom. From there we drove to our destination in Spandau just opposite Tegel forest. Ok, ok, for born and bred Berliners Spandau maybe no longer qualifies as Berlin proper. But nevertheless – it is part of official Berlin. And all the way to our destination (this is quite a way and takes a bit longer than half an hour by car) – we never really left the forest.

When we finally did come out of the trees, we were right by the riverside, hopping onto a ferry going back and forth all day between Tegel and Spandau.

Spree has already mouthed into Havel river further south. The river now slowly flowing past our nice Italian restaurant. Where we had our lunch, watching the boats sailing by in bright sunshine. Returning home full and lazy. Happy to live at such a great place. Berlin: where a day off can feel like an entire holiday.