Today was harvesting day. Apart from herbs and spices I dug out the first few kilos of potatoes this season.

Am looking forward to a nice meal of steamed potatoes tonight.

And I have to mention sweetheart’s tomato plantation. That his growing results are the high point in the art of gardening goes without saying, of course. His scientific approach is unmatched and pays off now 😉

In fact, his plants look great and bear lots of fruit (are tomatoes fruit actually? I am not sure…). At any rate, we had some for breakfast this morning and they tasted delicious.

One thought on “harvest

  1. Best part of gardening–harvesting and eating! Your potatoes look great, nothing tastes better than freshly dug spuds. I wish my tomatoes were doing as well as yours, not much fruit and what I get rots before it can ripen. Herbs doing well, however. Cilantro, green onions, oregano, thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary… lovely additions to freezer and pantry staples. 🙂


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