Summer has arrived in Berlin. With really hot weather. Scorching 35 – 36° C day after day. Which leaves me a blotch of sweat, wanting to retreat into a shady, dark corner. I am just not made for heat.

At the office, chores help me forget the heat for however long I am able to concentrate. Not too long, but at least a distraction from feeling hot and uncomfortable.

I wonder, how creatures with a fur coat might feel these days. Sweetheart keeps saying, cats love the heat. They originate from Egypt, where it is very hot, so they are sun lovers. I doubt that. My little Lilly is also looking for shady corners to retreat to. In the afternoons she seeks a place underneath the garden furniture on the cool stones. Too hot, even for Egyptians….

Normally I would want to find out, whether sweetheart is right. But it is too hot to bother. So I post some cute Lilly pics instead. Forgive me.

2 thoughts on “Egyptians

  1. Ugh! 90’s (F) is too hot for me. My orange cat doesn’t mind being out, but prefers the shade of a bush or tree to baking in the sun. My tan dog is a sun goddess and could lay outside all day long. The other dog, who is black, lies in the sun long enough to warm up (2-5 minutes), moves to the shade, then whines to come in. He is my spirit animal. 🙂

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