Pink Surprise

Years back I was gifted a potted plant. I think it was from my boss on I forget which occasion. I remember that it was a little shrub in full bloom and that I planted it straight away in my little garden.

But the following year, it didn’t show at all. As there came no tag with the pot, I had no clue, what sort of plant it actually was. So I guessed, it was just not hardy. One of the many silent disasters, that do occur in a gardeners life. I bought something else to grow and that was the end of that story.

Or so I thought. But three years later, one branch showed on the place, I originally had planted the shrub. First I was confused. I had forgotten all about the shrub. But in summer, the branch grew dark leaves, that looked familiar. I remembered the shrub. And hoped for blossoms. But negative: no blooms. Just one sorry branch sticking out of the ground, featuring a couple of leaves. This went on a second and third time. Last year, the thing almost looked like something, it had grown co-branches and did not look all that sorry any more. I could even identify it by its leaves: it was a shrup althea. But still no blooms.

Traraaa: look at it this year: Pink Surprise. Still not all that impressive, but big blossoms on the one, main branch. Sometimes, nature takes it sweet time….

3 thoughts on “Pink Surprise

  1. Beautiful flowers. I guess the winter in your area is about the same as winter in the northern states in the US. I hope it continues to grow for you. Maybe you can figure out a way to protect it from the winter weathers., Hal

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