visiting neighbours

As travelling is not so much an option, these days, sweetheart and I decided to just drive “next doors”, figuratively speaking.

We went to Modry Las, a golf course near Choszczno in Poland. It is about a two and a half hours drive from us direction North-East. Whereas sweetheart has been there a few times before with golfing friends, it was a first to me. As I have visited other Polish golf sites before, I was not expecting much. But this one was a nice surprise. It was just a perfect couple of days on a really nice golf course.

The view from our accomodation was this:

We stayed in a little appartement with a view of the many water hazards all around and a green at the background. And – which I rarely do – I even enjoyed playing golf. The nice weather helped making the short break a much needed recreation. Here a few views from the golf.