Starlings can be so entertaining. They do these stuntlike flock-flying exercises in the evening, creating the most beautiful forms on the evening sky. Sweetheart and I watched them on two consecutive nights, wondering, what might make them do this. It must cost them lots of energy to swipe and roam through the sky at lenght. But to what avail? It could not have been feeding, as they were too high for catching insects. And I doubt, they did it just to entertain us. Any answers, anybody?

2 thoughts on “Starlings

  1. No idea, Ly. I always wonder how they fly in such tight formations without bumping into each other. We had a family of starlings one spring, they flew down the pipe of our grill/smoker and built a nest in it. We didn’t evict them until the babies had hatched and learned to fly. The nest they left behind was exquisite–twigs, straw, hair, lint, even flower petals.

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