Sunday Matinée

Once a year, Hamburg hosts The Affordable Art Fair. It is one leg of a long row of fairs, that present art to a larger public.

Obviously, all fairs in Germany (and most likely everywhere else) were cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. Including this event. But the fair did take place after all – on the internet. The involved galleries put all art online, that was set to be shown. There were curator’s picks to discover. One could browse through certain genres. Or simply search by pricetag: art for 250 or less; 500 or less and so on. Thousands and thousands of artworks to explore. All of them brand new and yet unseen.

I spent two days last week to scratch a little on the surface of what was there to see. The sheer abundance of paintings, photographs and drawings was dazzling. Little to no attention was paid to the fact, that all this was on time-limited display. As is the case with fairs. One tends to think, once some things are online, they are there forever. Alas, ‘t was not so.

Returning to The Affordable Art Fair just now, to present you with a link to see for yourself, I realised, it is all over. I am really happy now, that at least I picked my personal favourites of the art I saw last week. To give you an overview. I’ll start with the more graphic works of art, that left an impression on me. Hope, you like them, too. More figurative pieces coming up next Sunday…

Iris White – Oscar Wilde
Tim Southall – White horses
Sandra von Haselberg – path II
Roberto Lucetta – Pink Flow 2020
Honor Bowman Hall – Islander Resort
DYN – The New Normal
Idun Eustache – Cherries and Pots

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  1. Beautiful work. I see and do much more online than I would have done in person if the pandemic hadn’t struck, but I still long for in-person events, conversations, smiles, being able to see or touch what I’m buying. The online world is wider but quite impersonal. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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