Sunday Matinée

This Sunday is the second last leg of my Affordable Art Fair findings . Today I am showing art featuring buildings or animals. I really like the humour in some of them. But all are really nice. If I only had all the wall space to hang art….and the fundings to go with my picture greed 🙂

But then again, we all still can have a look. And enjoy those artists ideas. Here we go….

Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing – Sandra von Haselberg
Diver – Adrian Sykes
Cleredon Pier – Anna Harley
Cabbage Whites II – Christopher Rainham
Hallo Houses – Clare Halifax
Flamingo – David Gobson
Cacadou – Erlend Mikael Saeverud
Delft – Jeroen Allart
Fade to Grey (New York IV) – Juli-Anne Coward
Iona Farmstead – Sara Hayward
After Leurbost – Helen Acklam