negativ being the only positive thing

Referring to this week’s post about our Covid test I want to put you at ease: both sweetheart and I tested negative, so we are all clear.

The negative test result being the only positive news this weekend. Filled with one horrid information after another. About my mom’s hip dislocating once again – sending her back to hospital. Back to have yet another operation, another try for a joint that will stay in. This last one has to be custom built first. Along with her overall condition and blood count. Both are too frail to allow for another operation just yet. So she will be hospitalized for weeks to come.

Also, my dad’s lights are going out. My sister was fetched to see him and reports that he doesn’t resemble himself any longer. Such was the change during the last few days. So I am awaiting the worst news on this front, too.

And just as I thought, it could not come any worse, it did. I can’t even begin to tell… All there is to say, is, that I am groping to come up with something, anything, that might be of help.

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