Sunday Matinée

This little art series is heading into 2021 with Clotilde Nagel. I know very little about the paintress. Seemingly French, she lives in Villemomble, apparently. If Google is right, this village might be located at the outskirts of Paris, a 30 minutes drive from Eifel tower. All she says about herself on artmajeur, an online art gallery, is, that after 20 years as an illustrator she now has the chance to be an artist and exhibit her paintings at galleries in France, the US and Canada. I really like the modern fusion style she brings onto the canvas with old fashioned oil paint.

dem bateaux – Clotilde Nagel

la rue birague – Clotilde Nagel

2 kimonos dec inverse – Clotilde Nagel

fleurs – Clotilde Nagel

le toit de Paris – Clotilde Nagel

New York Ete – Clotilde Nagel

la Tour Eifel – Clotilde Nagel

bord de mer 1 – Clotilde Nagel

Obelisque de la Concorde – Clotilde Nagel
campagne abres roses – Clotilde Nagel
Neige sur New York 3 – Clotilde Nagel

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