fire wood

I don’t know, how many blog posts start with: “we took a walk…” or “on my/our walk, such and such happened” these days. In Germany and Austria alike, walks have high priority in the best of times. Especially the obligatory Sunday after-lunch-family-walk, that is still a tradition in many a family. Families run by folks my age or older, at least. And now, during the pandemic, walks have become even more important. Because there is not much else left to do, other than taking walks. At least for those of us, who find more extreme ways of moving (like running or cycling) abhorrent.

So, sweetheart and I went for a walk near lake Tegel recently. It was one of the rare afternoons with some sunshine, so we took advantage of the weather and ventured out. Much to sweetheart’s pleasure, we even found a little restaurant on the way, offering a Currywurst (one of Berlin’s main, monumental, food attractions, the good taste of which has yet to impress me) to go. He – in general – hates walks without purpose, e.g. hitting a ball around at the same time. Or on the way to catch fish. But if there is prospect of finding a snack and a beer on the way, walks are deemed “ok”. During the pandemic, this is not the case. He really misses going out to restaurants. Finding this Currywurst made my man happy. Thus enthused, he agreed to walk further than his usual maximum of 30 – 40 minutes.

Along the way, we passed a chopped tree. The colour of the wood was outstanding. Such a bright, brilliant orange! Gave the term firewood a completely new meaning. Wood, shining like fire. Searching the internet, I found, it must be wood from a Black Alder.

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