Sunday Matinée

Today I want to introduce you to the art of Leszek Skurski. Born in Gdansk, Poland, the 48 year old painter now lives in Fulda, Germany. At the age of 22 he already received the Polish State Prize for Painting.

His art is becoming more reduced by the year, now almost completely down to black/white/gray. But I also include a few tinted works, here. I think, they are very nice, too.

Leszek Skurski – Taxi
Leszek Skurski – Tour
Leszek Skurski – Running Way
Leszek Skurski – Apple Store
Leszek Skurski – Briefing
Leszek Skurski – Upper Limit
Leszek Skurski – Rider
Leszek Skurski – Rubber Boots
Leszek Skurski – Lukewarm
Leszek Skurski – Waiting
Leszek Skurski – Last Day

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    1. That’s why I turned into a shower person, after I left home. We only had a tub and we had to fire up the kettle first, to have warm water for it. Gettin too cold, too soon. Always 🙂

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