Deer Hill Park

Sweetheart could not stand to stay home any longer. He needed to drive into town. Quote:”Have to see, if it’s still standing.” A born and bred Berliner can not live without his city for very long, apparently. So he stipulated, we drive round a bit. Just cruising. It was weird, to see Berlin so empty, still. And all the changes along the route. Multi-storey buildings were raised at some places, without us noticing while we waited out the lock down in suburbia for most of the time. Especially around the main rail station. And driving up toward the main West Berlin drag Kurfürstendamm, Ku-Damm for short, it’s main sight, the Gedächtniskirche now has a backdrop of two new towers. The church with its bombed-off steeple left open, to remind everyone of the dire consequences of waging wars always dominated the open space around it. The new setting kind of belittles the church. I am not sure, I am so very keen of this. But hey, this is Berlin, it always changes fast. The square around the church, called Breitscheidplatz, gained notoriety in 2016, when an attacker drove a truck into a Christmas market, killing 12 twelve and injuring many more.

But back to the deer… There is a park, I meant to visit all the time, but never got round to. But this was the occasion to do so, while in town. The park is called Rehberge, which translates to Deer Hill Park (mountain, to be exact, but there ain’t even hills there, to speak off, so I won’t). It was nice, the snow licked off the ground from the sun, but the edges still gray and brown with winter’s leftovers. No fresh green yet, but still many folks enjoyed the rays of sun, the din the birds made and the blue sky. So did we, until we happened at some compounds. I fully expected deer to be kept at the park. And maybe there were deer, but they must have been hiding. Instead, we saw sheep and some boar. This in the middle of town, with the noise of traffic flowing all around. It was a nice surprise.