We had brilliant, but rather cold weather lately, coming to an end today. It’s rainy, but a lot milder today. And we have a strom brewing over the North Sea, heading our way. Which I hope will slow down considerably on its way eastward over Hamburg into the flatlands of Brandenburg.

I hate the havoc, media is making of regular weather, lately. We had some snow this winter. In Berlin it ran about 30 cm high. Which is nothing, really. Yet, there were reports day in, day out, as if we had a catastrophy. And yes, when it’s cold in winter, roads do freeze over. So stay home, if you’re uncomfortable driving in wintery conditions or are ill equipped.

Now, with the wind approaching, again, high-alert warnings are given to the public. Ok, spring storms with some gusts are on the way. So don’t walk under trees. Secure loose stuff in your gardens. But: this is not a tsunami, hurricane or earthquake. Pipe down!

Sometimes I think, TV reporters a running out of interesting stuff to find out. Instead, they blow regularities way out of proportion. May that be as it is, I want to come back to yesterday morning. As I said, it was brilliant out over the golf course. Have a look.

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  1. I agree, when there is nothing big to report, reporters blow small things way out of proportion. The weather is warming here, too, and I’m looking forward to line-driend sheets and towels in the near future. 🙂


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