over the fields

The relentless cold just doesn’t want to stop. Well, relentless and cold is to be put into perspective. The forecast has been planning on spring for a while now, promising a little light and warmth to us poor, pandemic-ridden people devoid of most other pleasures. So Germany takes walks. Alone, with the family, walking dates, what not. And taking walks is not so nice, facing hail, icy wind, morning frosts, rain, drizzle and so forth. Less so, when the forecast always tries to cheer you up and then fails to deliver. As the icy air from North Pole just won’t let itself be detoured more into Russia. Those high pressure air fields coming in from the Atlantic are just meek weaklings, that’s all!

So, this morning, when I woke up to light! sunshine! I was up and out, taking a two hour stroll over the fields nearby. And it was so nice!

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