a man with a plan

Sweetheart set up his own farming project a couple of weeks back: his tomato plantation. He tried to grow a couple of plants last year for the first time since I know him. Incited by his success, he revved up procedures considerably, this year (or maybe it is all just another kind of Covid-related activity, who knows). The doorbell kept ringing, parcels full with pots and stickers and seeds and what not, started to arrive weeks back.

Whereas I am more the just-put-stuff-into-the-ground-and-see-what-happens type of gardener, sweetheart has a plan. And if I say plan, I mean A PLAN! He’s German, no denying it… Spreadsheets were typed of what goes where. Long fretting over which variety to choose occured (along with complaints of having received too many gift seed packs from me, so now there was stress). Lamps were installed. With a timer, mind you, to portion the amount of light for the seedlings just so. Seeds were put underground with tweezers, water sprays are applied daily.

Didn’t take long and a tiny plastic greenhouse materialized on our patio, at this point in time offering refuge to two of my teaplants until it is time for the precious tomato darlings to be put outside. And of course a fitting table for the greenhouse also was delivered. Along with various sizes of pots to move the plants on to suitable accomodation, each according to their own growing speed.

Today, another extra arrived. I don’t even know how to describe this fixture: a bulb-holder with a timer, all good for outdoor use. To continue the light baths for his plants, even when outside. Since when was sunlight not sufficiant for plant growth, I ask myself. And how did I ever manage to draw anything from the ground at all, primitive as I am?

May that remain mysterious as it is, I am sure, this year’s tomato crop comes at a price. As I am not paying it, I will just enjoy the taste unabridged. And I have to confess, it all has an air of professionalsim about it, that makes me kind of envious. Maybe I should start a little spreadsheet myself, should I? Aw…

a few weeks ago

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