Sunday Matinée

As I seem to be on a printmaker’s bend on my long road of art-appreciation, I’d like to show some of Tim Southall‘s work this Sunday. Born in Staffordshire, he grew up in industrial Britain, studied Fine Art at Northumbria University, later printmaking at the Royal College of Art and l’école des beaux art, Paris. The last two decades he lives and works in the province of Cadiz, Spain. I like the delicate look of his silk screen prints best….

Highland Mist – Tim Southall
BOAB – Tim Southall
Coming Home – Tim Southall
Low Tide – Tim Southall
Night Day II – Tim Southall
Sea of Gold – Tim Southall
Sea Birds – Tim Southall
The Sleeping Giant – Tim Southall
The Cruel Sea III – Tim Southall
Moving in Mysterious Ways I – Tim Southall