Kyritz an der Knatter

Sweetheart had his first appointment for a vaccination. As we live in Berlin-suburbia, appointments are hard to come by and we were pointed to a vaccination center located an hours drive north-west from here in Kyritz an der Knatter (pronounced a little like Syria on de butter, just with Ks for a start and Syria ending on a harsh sound like in blitz, instead of the A). One might think, this funny name means just a place on river Knatter – but there are no such waters around. It stems from the sound, nearby mills made, with the wood clattering on the wheel all the time (to clatter = knattern).

As I wasn’t allowed to come along during the vaccination procedure taking place (which takes roughly one hour here in Germany, with lot’s of paperwork, the shot itself and a 25 minutes waiting period to check for any allergies or other unwanted reactions occurring), I ventured out to explore Kyritz an der Knatter.

I loved the little marketplace with an actual little farmer market taking place that very day. Where someone ran over a boulder recently, very much unlike 1842, when, as the sign on the street indicates, on February 14th at 10:57 absolutely nothing happened right there.

They also apparently brew a very strong beer at Kyritz an der Knatter, going by the name of “Mord and Totschlag” (murder and manslaughter), as the carving on the town fountain indicates, stating in a proud tone, that this name is quite befitting, because – the beer being very popular at the court and in nearby Hanseatic cities, many a carousal ended in a brawl.