Sunday Matinée

PLease meet Kathe Madrigal this Sunday. I really like the quote from Newspaperman Finnley Peter Dunne, that heads her hompepage: “I aim to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.” Which is funny, because her work is not disturbing me in any way. Does that make me someone distrubed in need of comfort?

However this may be, I like the etheral figures in her work, encasing seemingly fleeting thoughts and emotions. As if bodies were nothing more than containers for sempiternal energies passing through.

Right on Target – Kathe Madrigal
Wrapped – Kathe Madrigal
He was, is, will be – Kathe Madrigal
Parrots – Kathe Madrigal
Shelter Me – Kathe Madrigal
The Search – Kathe Madrigal
Fox Glitch – Kathe Madrigal
The Waiter – Kathe Madrigal

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