There is another new building site nearby. No denying it: suburbia is growing rapidly. As Berlin proper is being sold out to well-to-do foreigners, who still laugh at property prices here (as compared to other major cities in the western world), regular Berliners find it increasingly harder – if not impossible – to find affordable living space. No wonder, the city is spilling into our neighbourhood and far beyond.

Yesterday we went for dinner at the Greek restaurant at the corner, sitting outside in the evening chill. But hey: restaurants open again after months of lockdown – so who is going to complain about the cold. We were happy.

On our way home, we peeked through the huge steel sheeting, protecting the building site next to the restaurant. We have noticed the clearing of shrubbery recently, and major groundworks. We guessed, they are digging out underground parking right now. Looking through the fence, we saw a huge amount of sand piled everywhere.

And would you believe it: there in the eveneing shadows was a mother fox. Having occupied the sand to build a sand hole for her pubs. Nature is so quick… I am just worried, where mother fox will take her offspring, once the bulldozers kick in anew.

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