I received a fine present I need to brag about here. A big box arrived in the mail, containing a birthday present from my best friend. It contained a fine summer hat for my garden to match last year’s gift of a painting dedicated to me in a blog post here on wordpress. It is almost exactly the hat in the painting, to be worn in my garden. All that’s different, is, that I have a cat and not a little dog. But Lilly, the cat, seems quite fascinated, esp. the blue feathers she finds very interesting.

However, better than the hat itself, was the long letter accompanying it. My friend is very ill and yet she found the time and energy to write to me. About miscellany and also about what has become to be called “the monsters under our beds” between us. The anxieties and haunting thoughts, that naturally befall one, when suffering from a life-threatening illness and its cures. Sometimes the cure can take so much energy and strenght – I am all for mood-enhancing drugs galore for all those patients! Honestly, there should be programms for that. But I digress….

So, if you read this, circumstance: thank you! I loved my present.

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