splish, splash

This summer has been quite abnormal, so far. First, there was a big heat-wave all over Germany. While occasional hail- and thunderstorms cooled down things a little in the south and west of Germany, the north and east were baked dry and lifeless. Don’t get me wrong, I would not have liked to swap the devastating hailstroms hammering any field and garden fruit to pulp. But something, anything to cool down the air would have been fine by me.

Can you tell? I am not so good with heat. Got up at three in the morning each day to catch the slightes breeze of cool air into our flat. Lowering all shutters in the morning, in order to keep out the heat as long as possible, leaving sweetheart to sit in the dark all day. And don’t get me started on the office hours, working away in stifling conditions…. I thought, my brain was melting, slowly dripping out around the neck….

Now, the big heat has been stopped by torrent rainfall. People already are complaining, because things start to flood. But I really like it. Just the sound of quiet rainfall is soothing. Given, the first two days, the rain hammered away, we had some 50 to 80 litres of water to the squaremeter. Resulting in some ankle-high water standing about here and there. But so what, nature really needed that drink. And now it is nice and cool, the water softly dripping down.

The little pond and park at suburbia has also overflown a little. While I stopped to take a few pictures, I happened upon a group of kindergarten toddlers, all exited and admiring the rise of waters, with the drops forming little bubbles on the surface of the pond. They were all having fun, wrapped up in their waterproofs and didn’t mind the rain, either.