Sunday Matinée

Please meet Rachel Cronin this fine Sunday. The artist and tutor (she calls this being a “creative enabler”) lives and works in Great Britain at the northern edge of the Cotswolds around Oxfordshire. Her work is a reduction of many layers of memories, as the artist says. I think it to be very clearsightetd. A reduction of the impression a landscape may give you.

And I’d also like to quote her opening statement on her website’s “About” Chapter: “I don’t have a zero to six figure story for you. I don’t even have a story. I have a life that I am in the middle of.” That is something I can relate to very well 🙂 But it is also only half the truth, because – as can be seen – Mrs. Ronin creates beautiful pictures to tell her own story.

Gathered Landscape – Rachel Cronin
Field Line – Rachel Cronin
Yellow Fields II – Rachel Cronin
Just Before Dusk – Rachel Cronin
Rewilding – Rachel Cronin
The Plateau – Rachel Cronin
You Were A Visitor – Rachel Cronin