It was certainly great to visit Austria again, but Berlin has truly become my home over the years. Most apparent at times when I just arrive from Austria back here. I love this city and am a dedicated Charlottenburger, seemingly. Upon arrival, the plane bumping down on drifting clouds, tilting its wings toward Alexanderplatz, thundering in over Wedding and slamming down at Tegel airport runway, I am washed over with gladness. And the recent memory of half the roads closed due to avalanche danger or too much snow, being stuck for the better or worse next to nowhere, makes me even happier to get back to city life. And the sports studio, if I ever care to risk a glimpse at my scales. Not that I am going to attempt that any time soon. Too busy to find anything to wear which still might fit.

Berlin du bist so wunderbar, Kaiserbase

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  3. I have been to Zeltweg and Gaal/Seckau (parents, uncles, aunts), Fohnsdorf (sister+family), Graz (friends), Loipersdorf/Fürstenfeld (friends) and Vienna (fun). You’re right, Berlin is different. Open minded to the max. Where do you come from, originally?


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